Permanent hair removal cream – which is best and can you believe the claims?

It’s got to be the holy grail of de-fuzzing – the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Just imagine a life without what feels like constant shaving, waxing, zapping ripping and plucking. Bliss! Many brands of super fantastic sounding permanent hair removal cream have come onto the market in recent years, making bold claims that they can rid you of your hair permanently with no pain or fuss. Sounds too good to be true? Well let’s take a closer look at the claims made by contenders for the best permanent hair removal cream. Continue reading

Your guide to the best hair removal creams whether for legs, bikini or sensitive skin

Let’s talk hair removal creams. I’ll be honest, I’ve never got on all that well with them myself – although they claim to leave hair smoother for longer than shaving, I’ve always found it tricky to get the same perfectly smooth results as, say, shaving or waxing, and I can’t say I noticed that my hairs stayed away any longer than when I whip a razor over them. That said, we’re all different and there are plenty of reasons why you might want to reach for the cream over anything else (shaving can irritate, and waxing HURTS!), so let’s look at how you should go about choosing the best hair removal cream for you. Continue reading